Editorial changes with Nova

The editorial staff of InterNova’s German sister magazine Nova is facing some changes that are also important for InterNova. Nova#33, due to be published in the second half of this year, will be the last issue that Michael K. Iwoleit has compiled as a fiction editor. With Nova #34 he will hand over his post to experienced editor Marianne Labisch, assisted by Yvonne Tunnnat, and focus his editorial work on InterNova online & print and on the new book series Cutting Edge that’s intended to present the best of speculative fiction in German and selected works by outstanding international writers to a wider audience beyond the science fiction scene.

InterNova #4 preview

We have just started proofreading for the fourth issue of InterNova online and expect to upload the issue between late April and mid May. Edited in collaboration with translator Michael Shreve it will be a theme issue about French science fiction this time, with short stories by Jacques Barbéri, Jean-Claude Dunyach, Claude Ecken, Pierre Pelot and Jean-Louis Trudel, two rediscovered classics by Maurice Renard and José Moselli and an exclusive update of Jean-Claude Dunyach’s well-known “Hitch Hiker’s Guide to French Science Fiction”.

We have further theme issues about the science fiction of India, Romania and Germany in preparation.

January 2023

InterNova online #3

New Fabulists

This issue is also available for free download as a pdf file and in various ebook formats here.


Guy Hasson (Israel)

Editorial: Behind the Curtains of World SF&F


Robert Jeschonek (USA)

With Love in Their Hearts


Dafydd McKimm (Great Britain)

A Lady of Ganymede, a Sparrow of Io


Jetse de Vries (Netherlands)

Connoisseurs of the Eccentric


Gustavo Bondoni (Argentina)



Adriana Alarco de Zadra (Peru)

Neon and the Snake


Frank W. Haubold (Germany)

He Who Picks the Bones


Frank Roger (Belgium)

Variant Readings



Sven Kloepping (Germany)

Our Daily Bread


November 2022

InterNova online #2

A New Dawn:

Contemporary Science Fiction from Greece

This issue is also available for free download as a pdf file and in various ebook formats here.


Hephaestion Christopoulos



Vasso Christou

Dust and Dreams


Hephaestion Christopoulos

Sins of the Mother


Hephaestion Christopoulos

Lamarck’s Ghost II


Antony Paschos

The 13% Rule


Kostas Charitos



Christine Angelsdotter

I Soul You


Kristi Yakumaku

Akane and the Host Hunter


Dimitra Nikolaidou

A Short History of Science Fiction in Greece


Hephaestion Christopoulos

Interview With Nebula Nominee Eugenia Triantafyllou



E-books available for free download

p.machinery, publisher of the coming printed edition of InterNova, has made InterNova online #1 available as a fine e-book for free download. A zip archive with a pdf file as well as e-books in the formats epub, mobi und azw3 can be downloaded here.

We owe a special thanks to Krischan Seipp who has allowed us to reuse his classic layout template. It will also be used for InterNova print.

July 2022

InterNova online #1

Contemporary Issues

This issue is also available for free download as a pdf file and in various ebook formats here.



Brandon Crilly (Canada)



Adriana Alarco de Zadra (Peru)

The Jellyfish


Louis Evans (USA)

Babies Come from Earth


Bruce Golden (USA)

The Withering


Guy Hasson (Israel)

The Assassination


Helmuth W. Mommers (Austria)



Frank Roger (Belgium)

The Colony


Ana Cristina Rossi (Costa Rica)



Cristian-Mihail Teodorescu (Romania)

The Death of Mr. Teodorescu