Anthology of Israeli science fiction and fantasy in German translation

The engaged German small publisher Hirnkost, winner of the Deutsche Verlagspreis (German publisher award) in 2022, has recently published an anthology with fantastic stories from Israel. Zion’s Fiction, edited by Sheldon Teitelbaum and Emanuel Lottem and with an introduction by science fiction veteran Robert Silverberg, presents a wide variety of stories by sixteen writers.

Apart from Guy Hasson, Nir Yaniv (also an accomplished musician) and the internationally successful Lavie Tidhar, who have all over the years contributed stories to Nova and InterNova, the authors are Shimon Adaf, Pesakh Amnuel, Rotem Baruchin, Yael Furman, Elana Gomel, Gail Hareven, Keren Landsman, Sayvon Liebrecht, Nitay Peretz, Mordechai Sasson, Nava Semel, Gur Shomron and Eyal Teler.