Submission Guidelines

InterNova is a pure science fiction magazine, no fantasy, horror and so on (no offence intended!). We are looking for intelligent, stylish and entertaining modern sf stories, original in idea and conception, from all over the world. For our nonfiction-section we are also looking for articles and essays on international science fiction, especially surveys of the local sf production of countries and areas outside of the English-speaking world.

When submitting fiction or nonfiction please

  • send MS Word 97/2000 or .rtf files
  • use a proportional typeface such as Times or Georgia, 12 point
  • right and left margin: 3 cm
  • upper and lower margin: 2,5 cm
  • line spacing: 1,5
  • no automatic hyphenation
  • start each section with a tab of 0,4 cm
  • use no other formatting than straight, italics and bold
  • please insert your name and contact data into the file

You can download a file template here that is formatted in the way we require and that you can use for your submissions.

Submit your fiction and nonfiction to