InterNova is an offspring of the German science fiction magazine Nova. Founded in 2002, Nova has established itself to be a long-term forum for contemporary German language science fiction. Part of the concept was to include in each isseue an interesting classic reprint or a translated story by a foreign guest writer. Famous writers such as Greg Egan or Brian Aldiss were so kind to contribute short works. When researching for stories outside of the Anglo-American world the editors found that there are much more interesting science fiction all over the world than could be published in Nova. Thus the idea of an international edition was born.

In spring 2005 the fist issue of InterNova was published. Since Frederik Pohl’s short-living International SF in the late sixties, which lasted only for two issues, a truly international science fiction magazine has never been attempted again. InterNova was not lucky either: despite good critics the sales were so low that the magazine had to be discontinued before the second issue was in print. Not willing to give up the idea of an international sf magazine completely, however, editor Michael K. Iwoleit decided to relaunch InterNova as an e-zine. Since September 2010 it published more than hundred short stories, novellas, essays and interviews by writers from more than twenty countries.

After a longer hiatus InterNova has been relaunched in early 2022 in its third incarnation as a regular, downloadable e-zine with four issues per year.