Editorial – January 2024

The present issue concludes the first year of the relaunched InterNova magazine. After all the time and the numerous delays that it took me to finally get the magazine going again I’m happy about what my small team and me have accomplished so far. In this first year we have published about fourty stories by writers from fourteen countries as well as a number of essays, interviews, and guest editorials. Especially our two theme issues about contemporary Greece and about French science fiction were well-received. This is the direction our magazine is planed to be further advanced. Theme issues about Indian, Romanian and German science fiction are in preperation. Dozens of new stories are already waiting to be published. One thing that due to time constrains had to be postponed will also be realized this year: the first InterNova print issue, with novellas by Guy Hasson, Tetiana Trofusha, and yours truly.

Let me take the occasion to thank a number of people without whose support all this would not have been possible: Nicole Ashfield, Tasha Bajpal, and Adriana Kantcheva for their careful proofreading, Hephaestion Christopoulos for helping with promotion, and not the least publisher Michael Haitel for producing the InterNova online e-book versions

We’ve only just begun¬† …

Michael K. Iwoleit, January 2024